The concept of Sundaes for long has been a weekend indulgence to be had at an Ice Cream Parlour. At Sundae Everyday, as the name suggests, it is a treat that can be enjoyed every single day. Chilled Sundaes that magically warm your heart now delivered to your doorstep.





"aah.. my favorite ice-cream shop.. I always love the cakes shakes and icecreams here feel they are perfectly made and SPECIAL thanks to chef Mandi for preparing it with care and the kind notes of wishes. Quantity could be a little more for I just cant resist the taste. Thank you sundae everyday!"

Soumyadeep Bhattacharya


Its so good! Also the gesture from the chef Daniyel was so good so thank you Daniyel?

Rashmi Rash


Excellent service definitely worth the money and also got a note from chef felt very polite. Thank you for your interest in preparing the food in presentable way.

Rucha Bothare


WOW very thik and very yummy.. has a strong chocolate taste.. milky chocolateee?